Air Duct Cleaning in Charlotte, Concord NC, Ballantyne, and all the Surrounding Areas

Quality Air Pros provides air duct cleaning services throughout Ballantyne, Charlotte, Concord NC, Matthews NC, Pineville and Weddington NC. They can help you with residential as well as commercial air duct cleaning. You might not give much thought to your air ducts, but there are some good reasons why you should have your air ducts cleaned from time to time.  

Air Duct Cleaning in Charlotte, Concord NC, Ballantyne

Air ducts collect debris and dust and harbor potentially harmful bacteria and pathogens. If your air ducts are dirty, they will impact your indoor air quality as well as the performance of your air conditioning system. Another potential problem with air ducts is mold. 

You air ducts contain moisture and moisture attracts mold. Mold spores can quickly infest your air ducts. Now you have various types of harmful particles in your air ducts. Some of these particles will find their way into the air that circulates through your air ducts. Contaminated indoor air can cause allergic reactions and make conditions such as sinus and asthma worse. 

The team at Quality Air Pros use specialised equipment and chemicals when cleaning air ducts. High pressure vacuums, rotational brushes, air scrubber and approved disinfectants are used to remove debris and dust and kill mold and other infestations. Their experienced technicians are certified and accredited with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. They also use environmentally friendly products and methods when performing air duct cleaning. 

The technicians at Quality Air will be happy to do a free inspection of your air ducts and advise your accordingly.  Professional air duct cleaning will get rid of harmful particles as well as mold and other infestations. That results in improved indoor air quality and a healthier environment at work or at home. 

If you want to improve your indoor air quality in Ballantyne, Charlotte, Concord NC, Matthews NC, Pineville and Weddington NC, then air duct cleaning is a good idea.