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A crawl space can be a very unpleasant place. It is the ideal environment for rodents and other vermin, and the area can get extremely dirty and moist. Because of the moist conditions and fertile materials, mold can grow prolifically in crawl spaces. Mold growth will negatively impact the air quality in the crawl space. The growth can also cause significant damage to your home over time.

Air Duct CleaningBecause of the fact that heat rises, the cooler, damp, contaminated air will start be drawn upward to maintain balance. This a phenomenon called the “stack effect.” As a result, this air from the crawl space will eventually make its way into your home. Your indoor air quality will plummet, and odors may accompany the foul air.

In addition to the quality of the air you and your family are breathing, there are other negative effects. The introduction of crawl space air can create uncomfortable humidity levels. Plus, your HVAC system is constantly working uphill against the unregulated air that is continually pouring into your home. This drives your heating costs up unnecessarily.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

We can provide a solution that will keep your crawl space dry and prevent all of these problems. Crawl space encapsulation is a vapor barrier that is applied to the walls and the floor. In essence, you are sealing your crawl space to inhibit the entry of moisture.

Our highly trained, certified technicians have a great deal of expertise with crawl space encapsulation for Charlotte area homeowners. We thoroughly understand the way that homes are built in our area, and we utilize the ideal materials for this climate.

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